Rheinbrücke ****

Haag Bendern (SG/FL)

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NB: This bridge doesn't exist any more

Construction type Covered Bridges
Construction shape Bridge Howe
Obstacle Rhein (Running waters)
Coordinates 756112 / 230959
Altitude 452m
Built 1896
Other important dates 1974
Length 145.0m
Span 24.15 / 24.15 / 24.15 / 24.15 / 24.15 / 24.15
Usable width 3.8m
Usable height 4.0
In charge Gemeinde Haag-Bendern
Access Passable, Pedestrian
Supports Pillar-thinning
Deck coatings Planks across
Cover types Eternit Slate
Roof forms Saddle Roof
Facade coating Cover strips formwork
Restrictions Speed 20 Km/h
Additional technical data (de) Vielen Dank an Eva Pepic, Leiterin Archiv und Sammlungen, Gemeinde Schaan, Rathaus / Landstrasse 19, FL-9494 Schaan, welche mir dieses Dokument sandte um diese Brücke zu dokumentieren.
Special remarks Abgebrochen
ID 353

Bridge visited or documented in 2011