Aarebrücke ***

Olten (SO)

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Construction type Covered Bridges
Construction shape Truss + suspension bridge
Obstacle Aare (Running waters)
Coordinates 635200 / 244400
Altitude 396m
Built 1295
Other important dates 1805
Max. load 13.0t
Length 75.26m
Span 20.00 / 20.28 / 18.68 / 18.90
Usable width 6.0m
Usable height 3.7
In charge Kanton Solothurn
Access Pedestrian
Supports Pillar-thinning
Deck coatings Piles along
Cover types Beaver tail
Roof forms Saddle Roof
Facade coating Parapet formwork
Restrictions General ban
ID 227

Bridge visited or documented in 2004, 2006